Rose+Chamomile cleansing powder, is a herb-and-clay-based powder-to-foam facial cleanser. Not like regular facial scrubs, the ingredients in our cleansing powder are extremely gentle and suitable to use on a daily basis. This cleansing powder is made as a powder base to ensure it has a nice long, safe, shelf life. It is free from preservative, and any other unnecessary chemicals too.


This cleanser can washes away dirt and impurities, leaves your skin soft, clean and healthy glowing that suitable for all skin type.


• Paraben Free

• Sulfate Free

• SLS Free

• Free of Synthetic Dyes

• Free of Synthetic Fragrances

• Plant based



Kaolin Clay-helps remove toxins, dirt, and makeup from your skin. It also has minerals in it to nourish the skin. Kaolin clay is a great clay