Dewy Mist Calm . Hydrating . Glow

How do you maintain hydrated skin while you are working in an air conditioned room?

Whether do you noticed or not, dehydrated skin is less flexible and duller.

Revive your skin with this instant pick-me-up Dewy Mist ✨ here’s a few ways to use Dewy mist on your daily routine

1️⃣ as toner, it can removes leftover oils and dirt from the skin that the cleanser may have missed.

2️⃣ as face hydrating mist, Dewy Mist is definitely suitable to put in your bag with its travel size of 50ml/100ml. Spray on the skin whenever you need a refreshing , calming natural mist for your days.

3️⃣ as make up setting spray with Dewy Mist, mist your face with to set your makeup for a flawless dewy finishing


Dewy Mist, comes with a travel size of 50ml, provides your skin a quick way to have a hydrating boost in the middle of the day without messing up your makeup.It calms, hydrating and leave your skin dewy with all natural ingredients in it.


It’s non SLS, paraben Free and cruelty FreePretty much an essential to put in your office kit


Formulated with rose hydrosol, aloe Vera extract and witch hazel extract.No complicated and harmful ingredients.Let’s allow the natural ingredients to do their work


Rose Hydrosol helps to reduce the redness and puffiness of irritated skin. When used as a toner it can remove dirt and excess oil after washing your face.


Witch Hazel helps in tightens the skin and reduces redness, discoloration and cleanses the skin


Aloe Vera extracts helps to soothes, heals, & moisturizes skin. It is also known for reducing inflammation, fights acne and aging, and brightening dark spots.

Dewy Mist

  • Rose Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Extract, Witch Hazel Extract.