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work on YOU, for YOU [IWD 2022]

Ever since the start of this small business of mine, Hush Little Jane always put self care in mind, as simple as just because I personally desperate for a peace of mind throughout the life. Most of you are in the same path as mine (or on the way to stand in the same line) , we do our best in career, in a relationship, in parenthood etc. But agree with me, we often neglect to treat ourselves in best, and that is how I started Hush Little Jane, as I believe the therapeutic process by handmade from scratch, from the nature derived ingredients, and putting the handmade goods online from 0-10... The process are challenging, but surprisingly I feel great in that ! And I believe this is the right step for me to step out to take care of ME from the inner.

March is a beautiful month, that we celebrate International Women's Day, to embrace the contribution of women and girls around the world, and to show support in each other. Today, I would like to introduce this founder from @loverco.candles ,Christmas Leong. There are few similarities between us, I get to know her back in many years in a bank (we were sales person in bank back then), and we both are a mother of two lovely daughters too! In 2021, Christmas has started her handmade business in scented candle and I have always wondering what we can do along to show support in each other. Finally, I think this International Women Day is the best time to work on a cross over collaboration ~

Also, with the new launching of Hush Little Jane's mineral clay mask series, I'm putting this clay mask in the self care package too, together with our all year long best seller - Sleep Well roller blend.

This package by Hush Little Jane X Loverco Candles, is a self care package that come in to pamper your skin and soul.

Package includes:

[REFRESH] Organic French Green Clay Mask or [SOOTHE] Organic French Pink Clay Mask

Sleep Well roller blend

Rose Scented Candle by Loverco

Daisy Aroma Stone by Loverco

Imagine after a hectic day at work, you got home and light up a scented candle, shower your worry away and put on a mineral clay mask to detox and practice self love. You got to spend some quality time for yourself with a subtle scent from aroma stone hanging on the shelf, and it does help to unwind and release your stress after a long day. While before you end the night, Sleep Well roller blend is there to make you relax further from soul to body.

This self care package by Hush Little Jane and Loverco Candles, hoping to bring enjoyment and relaxation to self, skin and soul. We hope you like them too, let them work on YOU, for YOU.

Each package is price at RM139 inclusive delivery

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