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Welcome, a little bit about myself

For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating things by hand, Whether it was a journal, or some delicious treat fresh baked in the oven, I've always been interested in that handcrafted touch.

That’s part of the reason I launched Hush Little Jane, my exclusive line of skin and body care products. But it was more than just a delight in tinkering with recipes or piecing together something pretty that led to the creation of my brand.

I am a stay-at-home-mom of two under five. To say it’s a full-time job that leaves me ragged would be a fair assessment, but it’s a job I love doing. That’s not to say I don’t also love a little “me” time. When you spend your days taking care of two young children, sometimes all it takes is a little pampering to revitalize yourself. I like to consider creating and sampling the products I handmake at Hush Little Jane my own way of pampering myself ;)

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a luxury I always had to ease my stresses and soothe my worries. After my second daughter was born, I'm aware that I'm constantly emotional unstable. It’s not uncommon, as we all know, but until you experience it, it’s hard to understand just how much it takes you out of the world. It took quite some time for me to break free of the emotional complications. My life became so much more complicated than I expected with both daughter that needed my care and attention nearly 24-hours a day, was leaving me exhausted.

In a way, Hush Little Jane saved me. By being able to focus on creating new and exciting skin and body care products, I was able to do something for myself. Hush Little Jane may be a small business, but I put a ton of heart into it. Keep an eye on this blog for updates as I continue on my handmade journey and so much more from my little slice of paradise.

Remember to take care of yourself and practice “self-love” to feel better and more at peace with each passing day. Take care, stay safe, and don't forget to love yourself.


Hush Little Jane

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