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Balancing-Wife, Mom, Boss

Friends of mine often telling me how strong I am to not only taking care of the family, but also have time to do things for my own. I do not say I'm capable, or strong, in fact, I just want to grow a little everyday as an individual self too, a self care practice to be a better person.

As a mother of two, a small business owner, and a wife, my daily routine is messed up with hassle. I may start the morning breastfeeding my toddler and, before I even finish, may have to switch gears to handle a time-sensitive issue at my shop, Hush Little Jane. I’m not here to complain about it, though. It’s rewarding to be able to switch roles and put my all into each of them, but I know some mothers may find themselves ragged before the sun even sets. I’ve learned over the years that it’s all about balance. You can be an attentive mother, an affectionate wife, and a successful businesswoman - but one thing you cannot forget amidst all that is to practice self-care. It took me a little while to realize that, but once I did and I found practices and hobbies that played to it, I understand how vital it was to schedule some time for myself so I could continue to grow and become a better person in all aspects of my day.

Schedule Your “Me Time”

Love this quote by Michelle Obama, “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” I wholeheartedly believe that, because I’ve seen the strength and perseverance of women first-hand. But I do think, to live up to that quote, we have to take some time for ourselves. You may feel selfish scheduling your “me time,” but it’s necessary, and, to be honest, it may be something you can work into the schedule without disrupting anything else. My “me time” usually falls when my daughter is at school or while my toddler is napping. Sometimes it’s even just when we all sit down for a nice meal. Of course, there are days where I don’t get to kick back and enjoy my alone time until well into the evening hours. No matter when it is or how you squeeze it into the day, find time for yourself. Plan ahead so you can enjoy those quiet moments without interruption. Literally write it into your daily schedule and hold yourself to it.

Find Inspiration From the Things You Enjoy

Did you know your time to decompress can even come while you’re working? With Hush Little Jane, I can enjoy listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Among them is the “SistersTalkTalkShow” with hosts Melody and Jenny. It’s a podcast based out of Taiwan that has provided me with quite a few life lessons. While I’m working on my orders, preparing them for shipping, I soak in what Melody and Jenny have to say. On quite a few occasions, I’ve walked away with inspiration on dealing with the more complicated aspects of life. It really doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration, so long as it is good for your health and promotes self-growth.


A lot of the time, self-care is centered around reducing stress. One hobby I picked up that really helps melt away the day’s worries is journaling. I’ve been journaling since 2016, jotting down thoughts and ideas, regardless of if they’d become part of a bigger project or not. With journaling, I also found a new way to use my creative talents by adding embellishments to my journals. I have books decorated in washi tape and rubber stamps and continue to tinker with other ornaments to place on my journals because it is a fantastic de-stressor. The contents of your journal can also play a significant role in helping you achieve goals or, to revisit an earlier point, plan out your day or week.

Whether you are a mother or not (yet), thank

you for reading this blog as this is another way that i can reach out to another window behind Hush Little Jane. Cheers to the hard-working women that we celebrate on this International Women Day!

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