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A Gift in a Jar, A story behind The Shim Project

It's all started with a DM over Instagram, and followed up by a call to have a further discussion. Over the call, I realised Natalie's difference in accent but I do not doubt further until our first meet up. Natalie, is a Korean women who have been living abroad in Malaysia for 7 years. Now, married and settle down in Malaysia, have a beautiful family of 3. Through our meet ups, we realise that we have a lot of common topic to chat on (motherhood, in business, and we are also a breastfeeding mother).

"As I have been living abroad, I have come to realize how important the comfort of home is

to us." said Natalie.

쉼 [shi:m] is a Korean word for “rejuvenation, rest that gives you recharging”.

SHIM has quality products imported from Germany, Thailand, Korea, and Japan.

"I started with the things used in the kitchen, my favorite place in home. It is in the hope that the

house where we spend the most time of the day, and the things we use in our daily life in it,

are useful and beneficial to us and help to improve our quality of life.

Weck is my first selection among them. This is a nice glass bottle made of recycled glass

from Germany. It can be used from the freezer to the oven, and can be used not only in the

kitchen, but also throughout the house. There are about 30 different shapes and sizes,

and you can choose four lids for each use."

The Weck 975 included in this Christmas gift set will be great as a cup or as a condiment

bottle after using HushLittleJane's Bath Soak and Sugar Scrub. The PE lid is useful for freezing

and refrigeration, and the acacia wooden lid coated with vegetable oil is airtight and looks

great on a shelf or table. All Weck products and accessories can be purchased individually at

Wishing everyone a lively and better tomorrow with comfortable and cozy “SHIM [shi:m]”

at home.

Also, you can check out with The Shim Project with

23% promotion code using code "HUSH23"

And more details on A Gift in a Jar, kindly click the link below to shop further

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