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5 Ways of Self-Care for a Better Self

It’s been a rough year for so many - the spread of COVID, the ongoing pandemic, and the effects of both weighing heavy on us every day. Though it’s easy to give in and let the worries of the world dictate your mood, we have the tools to continue our self-care for a better sense of self. As a mother of two during the COVID pandemic, I’ve faced the effects of the virus first-hand, altering my way of life to protect my two little ones at home. But I’ve also found ways to care for myself to ensure I’m getting out of my days what’s needed to push forward.

I’ve put together a few self-care suggestions so together, we can be the best version of ourself. Hope it helps ;)

Focus on the Good

There is a lot of bad in the world, but it doesn’t have to be your primary focus. Find the good in life, whether it’s the joy of being with your family or watching how people have come together in this most difficult time. Put the bad in your blinders every once in a while to let yourself mentally recharge.

Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

Sure, we have to work and keep the house in order, and those may not be the most entertaining activities, but you should make sure you make time every day for something you enjoy. Maybe you love baking or sitting down with a good book. No matter how mindless it may seem, if it brings you joy, make time to appreciate it.

Find New Ways to Relax

Finding that your usual methods to kick back and enjoy the day aren’t working? There’s nothing wrong with branching out. Consider massages and meditation to destress or end your day with a little yoga. You can also kick back with a Hush Little Jane scrub and let the aromatic, calming scent send you to your place of serenity.

Learn a New Skill

During the pandemic, I learned how to make cold processed soap as a new product for Hush Little Jane. The process is quite therapeutic and is a skill I’ll likely be using time and time again, and not just for business. Find something that interests you and master it. Or, at least try to.

Slow Down and Take Stock

Does it feel like the world is moving too fast? It’s okay to slow things down and take stock in life. Evaluate how you’re caring for yourself and ensure you’re practicing some form of self-care. Only by stepping back can you really focus on what’s best for you.

"A sustainable self-care practice is about creating moments within each day, week, month, season, and year to practice the kind of meaningful self-care that makes you feel healthy and joyful in mind, body, and soul." says Shel Pink, author of Slow Beauty, a book on mindful self-care. "When practiced over time, these small rituals add up to a healthier and more joyful life."

And wishing you have a wonderful day ;)



Hush Little Jane

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